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2022 Annual Production Report

, By Patcoola

Production report for 2022’s projects by Patcoola. What was slated and what was done in 2022. This year’s (2022) focus was on website compliance and audio synthesizers. The Chiptune Composer was a last minute addition to the plan but was an exciting one. Audio from just notes is exciting and a blast from video games’ past. The development of a chiptune composer may of taken time away from the major objective of a video game designer, however, the project shows how much work is needed in audio playback. Video games need audio.



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2022 Production Outline


[Audio Samples] Added thousands of sound loops and FXs

[Audio Samples] Added EDM construction kits

[Art Samples] Added thousands of sprites, tiles, icons

[Art] Created new vector textures

[Art] Created additional street signs


[JS] The Note Player (2021)

[JS] The Note Player V2

[JS] Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

[JS] Color Picker

[JS] Vertical Value Slider

[JS] Knob Value Slider

[JS] Dev: Custom select element replacement

[Software] Early Dev: Chiptune Composer


[Server] Update PHP from 7.4 to 8+

[Network] GDPR/Cookie Compliance

[Network] Remove ads, replace with donations

[Patcoola’s Blog] Added embedded video support

[Patcoola’s Blog] Added page descriptions

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