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Remembering the 2014 Blog Design

It was a mess.

When I started my blog in 2009, things was much different. I used a simple and clean WordPress theme I found on the Internet, but it wasn’t very personal. In 2014, I took the time to design my own theme. I didn’t know much about WordPress back then and thus I made a lot of mistakes, but I like to think it worked out in the end. I had a design no one else had with some cool features. Then mobile compliance hit the Internet like a ton of bricks, and very few people knew what to do about it. A new responsive design was needed to fit all display sizes, and so I say goodbye to the old theme.

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Charging into the Sky

Black Clover Blog Delays

Change Ahead

[Life] Downsizing Sale

[Life] Falling Behind

Once you have fallen behind, there is no catching up. You can only move the date.

This year’s production focus was to complete Project Smart and bring it to market, making this my last side project. However, this year was pledged with disasters. I’ve been faced with the person challenges of taking care of my parents and my father’s health for six months and trails of drama like a soup opera.

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[Life] Network Storage Update

[Blog News] 10,000 Page Views

2016 Fundraising

Thank you to all our contributors, because of your support we are able to help many people this year. We are committed to providing free and low cost computer services to the Yukon as fundraising for indie game development. This year we collected 3207 Canadian dollars, making for our largest fundraiser since we started in 2010. Thanks to your contributions we are on track to develop Yukon made innovations, and will soon begin the creation of cross-platform video games.

We hope 2017 will be just as successful. Thank you.

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When VR isn’t VR

VR with the Nexus 7

eBay: VR Shinecon Headset

Everything Breaks in May

Ideally everything should last forever or at least for ten years, but that isn’t the case. For me it’s hard to replace hardware when you have no steady income, and the irony is that I have a computer business. Needless to say I have an unsuccessful business where I fix ten computers per year, and depend on public donations. All my money goes to maintenance costs.

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