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[Life] Refrigerator Mayhem

Background Source: Frigidaire

Canada Day July 01, 2019, I woke up to the joy of a broken down refrigerator. The refrigerator left more than just defrosted food as we faced a journey which lasted over a month. The floor had to be repaired, the upper cabinets had to be trimmed, and the amount of labor was shocking. I say thanks to our family friends that helped with the labors, thanks to the delivery people that put in so much work, and thanks to the unused refrigerator from the basement. This is the story of our refrigerator mayhem.

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The Gopher in the Garage

Awesome eBay Auction Win!

Charging into the Sky

Change has came!

I jump into the sky with confidence and pride. The blog’s big redesign took about three weeks and is finally here. The new blog features full responsive design. Updated top pages with new menus and some new headline graphics. Social graph cards have been implemented. Google Ads have been restored with full policy compliance. Best of all, the blog was re-branded to be about myself and to feature my cartoon alter ego. I hope everyone likes it, or not I don’t really care.

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Black Clover Blog Delays

Change Ahead

[Life] Downsizing Sale

[Life] Falling Behind

[Life] Network Storage Update

Last week I upgraded my network storage from 2.6TB to 5.3TB RAID 5. The process took about a week and 9 hard drives were shuffled. Now the majority of my files are now in a single place. Two of the old 1TB drives have been moved to a computer were it is used in RAID 0. I’ve cut down on two 1TB external drives for archives. Another old 1TB drive has been moved to another computer. The process was long as terabytes of data had to be relocated from external drives or other computers. Upgrading the network storage was very easy. Storage and access is much better now.

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[Blog News] 10,000 Page Views

2016 Fundraising

When VR isn’t VR

A lot of virtual reality (VR) content on the Internet is in fact not VR. YouTube the biggest source of free VR videos currently does not support VR content. However, YouTube says they are working on it and they do currently support headsets. Many VR applications are not VR at all, meaning your headset is just a monitor. Many VR content on the Internet is flat head tracking or stereoscopic 3D.

In order for VR to be true VR, the content has to meet two requirements. First head tracking, VR has to have some ability to look around. The second requirement is side-by-side (SBS) 3D also known as stereoscopic 3D. Having both head tracking and stereoscopic 3D is what makes VR an immersive experience.

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VR with the Nexus 7

eBay: VR Shinecon Headset

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