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Blog Update: Posters and Search

New general headline posters have been added for posts such as Blog, Projects, JavaScript, etc. These new posters come in three sizes: full, wide, and thumbnail. The blog search has been updated and given it’s own layout. The new headline photos and post descriptions system have been implemented to the entire blog, including pages, search results, tags, etc. And on going, updating posts with descriptions and new posters will take weeks. All the pages have already been updated and many posts as-well.

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I don't always use the women's bathroom, but when I do, you can bet it really smells. If you like my blog, please consider donating.

Blog Update: Youtube and More

Embedded videos now fully supported, and post descriptions added.

Cookie Consent and More Arrives

Blog update: cookie and privacy consent; I also removed the ads.

GDPR Compliance Strategy

My plans to comply with General Data Protection Regulations.

Now Accepting Online Credit Card Donations

Square Payments Online now has donations.

[Life] Network Storage gets Upgrade to 10TBs

Network storage receives upgrade from 5.3TBs to 10.6TBs. The last upgrade was completed in 2018, going from 2.6TBs to 5.3TBs. Hopefully this upgrade will last at least five years.

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Hey buddy, it takes a lot to make a blog. How about a donation?

Blog Update: 2019-12-07

Faster load times and new thumbnails.

[Life] Refrigerator Mayhem

The joy of a broken refrigerator on Canada Day.

The Gopher in the Garage

A gopher refused to leave our garage.

No Advertising Third-Party Consumer Technical Support with Google

Google no longer allows advertising computer repair.

Awesome eBay Auction Win!

I finally got lucky!

After over a month of searching for a wireless headset, I finally got one. Last week I received my auction win from eBay. I won a complete set of essential computer peripherals: headset, mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad; the items were about 5 months old and still had their original boxes. The auction was won with 75% off the estimated retail price. This was a big win for myself as I have been stricken with a series of bad luck. Now with this win, it seems everything is back on track.

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After a hard day, I like to relax with a cold jar of pickle juice and a hardy fart. If you like my blog, please consider donating.

Remembering the 2014 Blog Design

Goodbye, we'll miss you. Here are the highlights of the old design.

Charging into the Sky

Blog news, a new blog design is coming.

Change Ahead

[Life] Downsizing Sale

I am pretty much finished with my downsizing sale with great success, thanks to Facebook Market. The sale is to prepare for moving, in the near future. We need to move for my father’s medical concerns. The sale of new and used goods, clears up space and allows me to downsize to newer and smaller equipment.

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This might not be the best time, but making a blog is not easy. Would you consider donating?

[Life] Falling Behind

This year was full of disasters.

[Life] Network Storage Update

Upgrade from 2.6TB to 5.3TBs RAID5.

[Blog News] 10,000 Page Views

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