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Blog Update: Posters and Search

New general headline posters have been added for posts such as Blog, Projects, JavaScript, etc. These new posters come in three sizes: full, wide, and thumbnail. The blog search has been updated and given it’s own layout. The new headline photos and post descriptions system have been implemented to the entire blog, including pages, search results, tags, etc. And on going, updating posts with descriptions and new posters will take weeks. All the pages have already been updated and many posts as-well.

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Blog Update: Youtube and More

Embedded videos now fully supported, and post descriptions added.

Cookie Consent and More Arrives

Blog update: cookie and privacy consent; I also removed the ads.

GDPR Compliance Strategy

My plans to comply with General Data Protection Regulations.

Now Accepting Online Credit Card Donations

Square Payments Online now has donations.

Blog Update: 2019-12-07

Visitors may have noticed faster load times with reduced data on the front-page and while browsing posts. Now introducing headline poster thumbnails. Removal of useless WordPress header garbage. Resulting in a huge data reduction and improved load time for visitors.

I have implemented thumbnails for headline posters resulting in reduced data usage. Slower computers and devices may see a performance improvement when browsing posts.

I have recently noticed a huge overhead coming from the WordPress software which was loading outside resources. These resources caused the blog to stall when loading as the visitor waits for them to load. This provides unnecessary data usage to the visitor. I have removed these overheads, resulting in a better visitor experience.

Mobile compliance as according to Google. So Google basically dictates the standards for web design now and will penalize you in search results if your don’t comply. Google systems have flagged the WordPress garbage as a problem and the large data size of headline posters to mobile users. These changes should satisfy our Google overloads.

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Charging into the Sky

Blog news, a new blog design is coming.

Change Ahead

[Blog News] 10,000 Page Views

Systems by Tigarus Website to Launch November 2017

New Strategic Plan

New strategic plan is set to launch the official Systems by Tigarus website for our computer services. The new plan cuts the original plans by compromising with what is already available.

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Tigarus Solutions Gets Graphics Pen Displays

We can draw right on the screen.

2016 Fundraising

Blog Update 2016-03-04

The blog is now one inch wider, and more.

Blog Update 2016-01-09

A little more mobile friendly, and more.

News, Updates and What’s Up [2015-01-12]

Some news and updates with mostly reflections of 2014. I will actually talk about myself this time.

First for the news, I’ve posted my Projects year end report that covers what happened in 2014, what was done what was not. I also posted the Projects for 2015 overview, maybe next year all projects will be multimedia related, figures crossed.

I have created a Java Script Class to change how the Select element looks in most web browsers, I call it button type, it’s to help users of my future Web Apps distinguish editable drop down fields and non-editable button style drop down fields. Very cool, but only applies to a limited number of web browsers.

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This might not be the best time, but making a blog is not easy. Would you consider donating?

Updates and More 2014-07-06

Blog updates and Web Apps.

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