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[Blog News] 10,000 Page Views

Posted: , By Patcoola

December 2017, the blog network has reached 10,426 page views.

The increase is thanks to the new anime blogs and the sudden interest in Canada for 10GB data service plans. I hope to maintain this number for 2018 by continuing to publish more anime blogs and other.

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Systems by Tigarus Website to Launch November 2017

Posted: , By Patcoola

New Strategic Plan

New strategic plan is set to launch the official Systems by Tigarus website for our computer services. The new plan cuts the original plans by compromising with what is already available.

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Tigarus Solutions Gets Graphics Pen Displays

Posted: , By Patcoola

Whitehorse’s independent interactive media production studio Tigarus Solutions moves up from the old graphics tablet on the table to a graphics pen display. The upgrade to the graphics department ups productivity and employment quality to that of a big studio. The displays are high definition 15 inch screens with a wireless pen. You just can’t beat drawing directly on the screen.

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2016 Fundraising

Posted: , By Patcoola

Thank you to all our contributors, because of your support we are able to help many people this year. We are committed to providing free and low cost computer services to the Yukon as fundraising for indie game development. This year we collected 3207 Canadian dollars, making for our largest fundraiser since we started in 2010. Thanks to your contributions we are on track to develop Yukon made innovations, and will soon begin the creation of cross-platform video games.

We hope 2017 will be just as successful. Thank you.

Blog Update 2016-03-04

Posted: , By Patcoola

My blog’s layout is now one inch wider, and can switch to a slightly smaller width when resized. For a long time the headline images was made with a 720 pixel width, and was displayed at 645 pixels. Now we can all enjoy the full size of the images. Users of the Rocksmith Song Search service will be happy to take advantage of the wider area. Some blog theme issues have also been fixed.

Recently I finished an administrative service I call the Backup Module. This module creates ZIP archives for backup profiles. Very handy for downloading the server files or uploading files. Next on the list of things to do, is design the theme for my I.T. website. I hope to go into production of my video game in May.

Blog Update 2016-01-09

Posted: , By Patcoola

The blog is now more mobile friendly. Thanks to a mobile theme adaptation I designed. Visitors can now browse my blog with their mobile devices easier.

Browser Pusher, a web browser detection script I created has also been updated for better mobile detection and can detect the Edge browser. Mobile users will automatically view the mobile layout.

Visitors will also notice that the top menu now floats at the top of the screen. Except for the oldest browser I support: Internet Explorer 7.

Page titles now display the correct bread crumbs for categories.

Loading pages no longer flash the background.

Rearrangement of JavaScript placement should help decrease page rendering time, pages should load faster.

A fix for the footer has been made for Microsoft’s Edge browser which had a height issue.

The projects page has updated to list projects from 2015 (last year).