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Encoded Assets [JavaScript]

Script Title: encode_asset_class
Script Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2023-01-30

Purpose: To encode and decode files for various uses. To make files closed source and to make mixed media documents.

Description: Encoded assets allows files to be encoded. These files can be made closed source for HTML Applications (HTA), and provide encryption. Encoding files can be used to create new mixed media documents, consolidation, and proprietary document formats for applications. The encoder also includes integrated integrity checks to prevent tampering or to detect file corruption.

*This class only contains the encoder and decoder engine, and does not load or save files.



the class

encode ( string | Uint8Array )

function to encode

decode ( string )

function to decode the encoded data
returns a string or Uint8Array

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2023 Production Schedule

Plans and progress for 2023, see what's going on. This year's focus is on graphical user interfaces and the chiptune composer.

Project Knob

A JavaScript behavior class for a knob user interface component.

Project Vertical Value Slider

A JavaScript class for a styled vertical value slider.

Color Picker Video Demonstration

Color Picker video demonstration by Patcoola.

Project Color Picker

Project Title: Color Picker
Programming Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2022-07-21

Purpose: Provides a widget for color selecting within design software and Web Apps.

Description: Color Picker is a full featured widget for selecting colors. It supports RGB, HSL, HEX, and Alpha. Click and drag user interface for Hue, Color, and Alpha. Realtime preview of color changes and input values.

Color Picker provides perfect color as proven with Adobe Animate.

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Project Patflix

It's like Netflix but cooler and private.

2022 Production Schedule

Plans and progress for 2022, see what's going on.

Project Redux: Tigarus IT Solutions Suite

IT Suite is a all-in-one kit of tools to test, service, and repair computers.

Update 2021-07-22: Auto Software Install

First major update in three years.

PHP: Request Validator

Name: Request Validator
Programming Language: PHP
Date Created: 2021-02-19

Purpose: Provides a clean and simple way to validate GET and POST requests with PHP.

Description: Request Validator is a class for PHP to simplify the validation of GET and POST requests. Process and validate requests by creating definitions. Log and display errors made easy.

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2021 Production Schedule

Plans and progress for 2021, see what's going on.

2020 Annual Production Report

What was done and what wasn't in the 2020 project plans.

DOM API [JavaScript]

A short-cuts shim to improve workflow and navigating the HTML DOM.

XML API [JavaScript]

A XML API to load and navigate XML documents with many useful functions.

Z-Index [Construct 2]

Title: Z-Index
Platform: Construct 2
Type: Plugin
Date: 2020-01-15

Purpose: To provide additional Z-Index functions to Construct 2.

Description: Allows objects to be moved, swapped, and reordered. Z-Index determines the order in which objects are displayed in front of each other.

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2020 Production Schedule

Plans and progress for 2020, see what's going on.

2019 Annual Production Report

What was done and what wasn't in the 2019 project plans.

The Importance of Making Pong [Game Dev]

One point perspective Pong. (Pseudo 3D)

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