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Rocksmith Songs Updates 2019-03-13

In the last two weeks I’ve done some major updates to the Rocksmith Songs site. I’ve added Steam links, added path tunings, found missing songs, and much more. Check the link below to read the full report.

Rocksmith Songs: Read More

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Rocksmith Songs 2.0 is Live!

2018 Annual Production Report

2019 Production Schedule

Web Audio API

I’m developing my own JavaScript Class for Web Audio. The decision for development was made after wondering if Web Audio could be used as a synthesizer. Yes, it could, however, the final decision to fully develop a Web Audio Class was made with the investigation into the Construct 2 audio plugin. After inspecting the plugin, I quickly discovered that the plugin does not meet my needs or standards.

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Script: Text Flow [JS]

PHP: Words to Numeric

PHP: To Roman Numerals

PHP: fromCharCode

Script: fromCharCode
Programming Language: PHP
Created Date: 2018-10-23

Purpose: Bring Javascript’s fromCharCode() function to PHP with Unicode support.

Description: Returns the character from a character code. Supports Unicode. Returns an empty string if no character is available.

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PHP: charAt

PHP: charCodeAt

Rocksmith Song Search 2.0 [Update: 2018-08-03]


  • Database now has song duration (complete)
  • Database now supports song music video
  • Database now supports song rift video
  • Database now supports song lyrics
  • Administration now has new add song form

Exciting news, the current 1200+ songs have been updated to include song duration. A new addition has been added to provide searchers with the option to view and watch Youtube videos on site. Searchers can watch a song’s music video, rift video, and read lyrics on site.

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