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DOM API [JavaScript]

Script Title: DOM API
Script Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2020-06-04

Purpose: Provides short-cuts for the DOM selector functions, essential features, and legacy support.

Description: DOM API is a short-cuts application programming interface (API) for the Document Object Model (DOM) programming interface in HTML. DOM is easy to remember and save time by providing a shorten language. DOM also provides essential commonly used functions, and legacy support across browsers.

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XML API [JavaScript]

Z-Index [Construct 2]

2020 Production Schedule

2019 Annual Production Report

The Importance of Making Pong [Game Dev]

It’s not about Pong, it’s about what comes from Pong.

Game engines has really spoiled us developers, turning Pong into a 30 minute task. However, that doesn’t mean you have created Pong the right way. Back when Adobe Flash was popular; Flash presented a development environment that lead to many poor development practices. I took a step back and went back to basics. I took a calculated approach to recreating Pong. In fact I believe I did it a bit better. I added the paddle behavior from Brick Breaker and added perspective. Now the doors for many more game mechanics has opened.

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Rocksmith Songs 2.0 is Live!

2018 Annual Production Report

2019 Production Schedule

Production schedule as of January 10, 2019. The following information is a general overview of all projects slated for 2019 by Patcoola. This year’s headline graphic represents the hardships of 2018 with the lost of six months to take care of my father. This year aims to continue the work that was slated for 2019 and more.

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Web Audio API

Script: Text Flow [JS]

PHP: Words to Numeric

PHP: To Roman Numerals

Script: to_roman_num
Programming Language: PHP
Created Date: 2018-08-27

Purpose: Converts a number to Roman Numerals.

Description: Changes a positive integer to Roman Numerals up to 1999.

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PHP: fromCharCode

PHP: charAt

PHP: charCodeAt

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