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DOM API [JavaScript]

Script Title: DOM API
Script Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2020-06-04

Purpose: Provides short-cuts for the DOM selector functions, essential features, and legacy support.

Description: DOM API is a short-cuts application programming interface (API) for the Document Object Model (DOM) programming interface in HTML. DOM is easy to remember and save time by providing a shorten language. DOM also provides essential commonly used functions, and legacy support across browsers.

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XML API [JavaScript]

Script: Text Flow [JS]

PHP: Words to Numeric

PHP: To Roman Numerals

PHP: fromCharCode

Script: fromCharCode
Programming Language: PHP
Created Date: 2018-10-23

Purpose: Bring Javascript’s fromCharCode() function to PHP with Unicode support.

Description: Returns the character from a character code. Supports Unicode. Returns an empty string if no character is available.

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PHP: charAt

PHP: charCodeAt

Script: ZIP API 2 [PHP Class]

Script: File Size [PHP]

Script: Strip Script Tags [PHP]

Script Title: strip_scriptTags
Programming Language: PHP
Date Completed: 2013/02/20

Purpose: Removes HTML Script elements from a string.

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Script: Random Character [JS]

Script: Directory Is Same [PHP]

Script: Intersection [JS]

Script Title: intersect
Programming Language: Java Script
Date Completed: 2013/08/26

Purpose: Get the intersection point of two lines.

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Script: Z Index [JS API]

Script: Date Format [JS]

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