Tigarus depends on the public to develop our products and services. Contributors can help us by donating.

Why we have to fund raise. Interactive media production is an expensive venture. We have been donating our time for years to develop the ability to offer our services. Now it’s time to produce our first big production.



Contribute Funds

Fans and guests may freely contribute to any project by sending suggestions and feedback. Reporting issues and problems, or by taking an interest in on-site advertising.

Funding a project allows a backer to have their name automatically added to a project’s credits as a supporter, and the possibility of early access for surveys and beta testing.

Financial contributions go towards growing maintenance costs such as website fees, computer repair costs, replacement supplies and equipment, and financial relief during a project’s production time.

*Will not be Published

*Contributed Funds are non refundable and are not tax deductible.


Fundraising Goals

Planned expenses, the following is a look at our basic expense plans. This does not include production related costs such as utilities, supplies, and extra labor.

Recursive (Annual)

Web Hosting $180
Business License $160

Recursive (3 Years)

Business Name $20
UPS Battery Backup Replacement Batteries $300

Targets for 2018

Replacement: UPS Battery Backup Replacement Batteries $50.70 (GOAL)
Replacement: Mouse and Keyboard $145.33 (GOAL)
Supplies: Toner $26.85 (GOAL)
Replacement: Office Chair $205 (GOAL)
Upgrade: (2) 2TB HDD 3.5in $167.97 (GOAL)
Upgrade: Dual Bay USB 3.0 Hard drive dock $49.56 (GOAL)
Equipment: LG 29in UltraWide LCD Screen $328.65 (GOAL)

Targets for 2019

Replacement: UPS Battery Backup Replacement Batteries $50.70?
Equipment: Focusrite Scarlett-Solo Gen2 USB $166.00?
Equipment: DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI Adapter $12.99?
Equipment: Mouse $87.89 (GOAL)
Equipment: Monitor Desk Mount $116.015 (Donated)
Equipment: (2) 2TB HDD 3.5in $167.97?
Equipment: USB Hub Clamp Hub 4 Port $20.98 (GOAL)

Wish List

Equipment: TP-Link Archer T9E AC1900 $119.99?
Equipment: Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Pad $79.99?
Equipment: Startech USB-C Multiport Adapter $121.78?
Equipment: 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM Module $49.99?


Donors (68 Backers)

Thank you to everybody that has provided a financial contribution since 2009. Everyone that has provided an official donation, or has been provided a billable service is automatically a contributor. All contributors listed will be added to the credits of our first big production, code name The Village.

Over $15,000 Canadian has been raised since 2010.

2019: $250
2018: $2,110
2017: $2,498

Last Update: 2019-02-20

Rebecca E—–a
Dean P——t
Larry & Linda A——-e
Ernie F—–r
Consorica C—–s
Vangie R—–z
Colin M—–l
Lee M—–l
Steve S—e
Francine S—h
Maggie P—-r
Bill S——n
David G——y
Doug R–h
Mark P——n
Ron D—–s
Calvin G——s
Alessandro P——i
Angeline E——k
Yuka H—a
Sharon R—–z
Regent M——n
Jim B——-o
Hank D–d
Ruth B—–e
Magnus K——–n
Ernst B—–h
Suzanne L—–e
Herbert A—-d & Evie Z—–r
Andrew W—y
Ulrike H—-g
Susanne H——–n
Charlie B—n
Gay O’B–g
Yvonne O—–r
Marcel L—–c
Faron G——-h
Ronald B–g
John D——n
Mark C—-n
Andrew W——s
Sebaskien V——d
Peter S—–r
Irja P——–n
Beth B—–y
Jennifer B—s
Anju M——a
Kevin R—-y
Ronald C–k
Clayton W—e
Meagan D—–g
Alfred S—h
Patrick G——r
Bevon K—-r
Richard C——r
Don T—s
Linda F–r
Marcus L–g
Eleanor M—–d
Brad M—e
Lynette D—-y
Chris B——a
Mike B—n
John P——c
Rosana P—–s
Werner R—n