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Awesome eBay Auction Win!

I finally got lucky!

After over a month of searching for a wireless headset, I finally got one. Last week I received my auction win from eBay. I won a complete set of essential computer peripherals: headset, mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad; the items were about 5 months old and still had their original boxes. The auction was won with 75% off the estimated retail price. This was a big win for myself as I have been stricken with a series of bad luck. Now with this win, it seems everything is back on track.

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Charging into the Sky

Change Ahead

Rocksmith Songs Updates 2019-03-13

In the last two weeks I’ve done some major updates to the Rocksmith Songs site. I’ve added Steam links, added path tunings, found missing songs, and much more. Check the link below to read the full report.

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Rocksmith Songs 2.0 is Live!

2018 Annual Production Report

2019 Production Schedule

Web Audio API

Rocksmith Songs Search [News 2018-11-06]

Getting closer!

All 527 bands have an “Artist Page” generated and an artist poster created (I searched the Internet and created a poster for each artist). As-well, 3918 pages have been generated for Music Videos, Rift Videos, and Lyrics. Although 1306×3 pages have been created, a “not-yet-available message” will be displayed until the content/links have been added to the database. Doing so may take three weeks with 4 to 8 hour days. In-addition to creating thousand of content pages; I have fixed and improved many behind the senses features and I have good number of exciting new features planned.

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[Life] Downsizing Sale

[Life] Falling Behind

2018 Production Schedule

2017 Annual Production Report

What was slated and what was actually done in 2017 by Patcoola. This year’s headline graphic is green for go. 2018, will be the start producing great products. First will be the publication of the long awaited Project Smart. Then production of small video games.

2017, was a big year for change. Many aging and obsolete equipment in the office has been upgraded. New productivity tools has been acquired, and I’ve never looked better to start producing.

2017 Production Schedule and Log

Production Details

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Tigarus Restructuring

[Blog News] 10,000 Page Views

Tigarus Systems Website Launch

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