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AJAX Class [JavaScript]

Title: AJAX Class
Programming Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2023-02-28

Purpose: Communicate and exchange data with AJAX.

Description: An asynchronous JavaScript class based on instances. This class communicates with AJAX in an easy to manage application programming interface (API). Multi-instances allows for many called from a single API.

No legacy support.

This class does not support sending JSON, XML, BLOB data types. We recommend using an encoder/converter instead.

Update 2023-03-02: Fixed send GET and POST data.
Update 2023-03-02: Added 2047 total URL characters check to ADDRESS and REQUEST functions for GET method.

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Encoded Assets [JavaScript]

An encoder and decoder to make assets closed source, and to make mixed media documents.

Project Knob

A JavaScript behavior class for a knob user interface component.

Project Vertical Value Slider

A JavaScript class for a styled vertical value slider.

Project Color Picker

A JavaScript widget for visually selecting colors.

DOM API [JavaScript]

Script Title: DOM API
Script Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2020-06-04

Purpose: Provides short-cuts for the DOM selector functions, essential features, and legacy support.

Description: DOM API is a short-cuts application programming interface (API) for the Document Object Model (DOM) programming interface in HTML. DOM is easy to remember and save time by providing a shorten language. DOM also provides essential commonly used functions, and legacy support across browsers.

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XML API [JavaScript]

A XML API to load and navigate XML documents with many useful functions.

Web Audio API

Project Web Audio, I am creating my own playback class.

Script: Text Flow [JS]

A text resizer to automatically try to get the best fit.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2017-09-06

Progress and plans for the future.

Sections Feature for Project Smart

Sections allows content creators to break parts of their page contents into sections. Sections is great for forms, surveys, questioners, showcases, and menus.

Sections is now a feature of Project Smart (JS_Smart) the no programming JavaScript software suite. Sections allows the content creator to focus on the content and not the programming. The above image is an example of the practical applications of sections.

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Bars Feature for Project Smart

Introducing Bars, display sticky headers and menus.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2017-05-18

Progress and plans for the future.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2016-12-23

Progress and plans for the future.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2016-11-22

Progress and plans for the future.

JS_Smart: Select Case Study

The Smart Java Script library provides useful features to reduce the need for programming your website. In this case study I’ll demonstrate a common issue with the select element for page selection. Many webpages use the select element to provide a list of pages for the article. Selecting and going to the page address is not easy, especially for content creators using a content management system.

Using the select element we have two options to create a link behavior. Option one, we code the behavior into the website’s theme. Option two, we code the behavior into the element has an inline event. Either way this requires a level of coding. Smart allows designs and content creators to us this functionality with no coding at all by adding an attribute to the select element.

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Projects: jCoola Java Script Library

jCoola is a JavaScript library created by Patcoola with a low curve for developing cross browser applications.

Dev 2015-07-21: jCoola Functions List

A list of functions in jCoola. Outlines the functions and when they were added or updated.

Project: JS Smart

Introducing Project JS_Smart, a software framework so you don't have to learn to program.

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