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Encoded Assets [JavaScript]

Script Title: encode_asset_class
Script Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2023-01-30

Purpose: To encode and decode files for various uses. To make files closed source and to make mixed media documents.

Description: Encoded assets allows files to be encoded. These files can be made closed source for HTML Applications (HTA), and provide encryption. Encoding files can be used to create new mixed media documents, consolidation, and proprietary document formats for applications. The encoder also includes integrated integrity checks to prevent tampering or to detect file corruption.

*This class only contains the encoder and decoder engine, and does not load or save files.



the class

encode ( string | Uint8Array )

function to encode

decode ( string )

function to decode the encoded data
returns a string or Uint8Array

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Project Knob

A JavaScript behavior class for a knob user interface component.

Project Vertical Value Slider

A JavaScript class for a styled vertical value slider.

Project Color Picker

A JavaScript widget for visually selecting colors.

DOM API [JavaScript]

A short-cuts shim to improve workflow and navigating the HTML DOM.

XML API [JavaScript]

Script Title: XML API
Programming Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2020-03-31

Purpose: An easy to use interface to navigate XML documents.

Description: A XML application programming interface to load and navigate XML documents. Provides many useful functions.

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Web Audio API

Project Web Audio, I am creating my own playback class.

Script: Text Flow [JS]

A text resizer to automatically try to get the best fit.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2017-09-06

Progress and plans for the future.

Sections Feature for Project Smart

Introducing sections, break your content into displayable parts.

Bars Feature for Project Smart

Top and bottom bar menus (sticky headers/footers) are growing in popularity. Floating top and bottom menus can be found in websites and mobile applications everywhere.

In the above headline image we can see an example of a website using a top menu bar, and in the contents of the webpage is a mobile application with three top menu bars.

Project Smart (JS_Smart) the no programming JavaScript software suite will have bars. Bars is a full featured software solution for assigning top and bottom bars to your website or application. Bars can dynamically snap bars into place based on content area. Bars supports three top and bottom layers, and an administrative exemption for content management systems such as WordPress. Bars also has a pin layer, with pin you can have any number of objects to be pinned to the top or bottom of the bars.

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Dev: Project JS Smart 2017-05-18

Progress and plans for the future.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2016-12-23

Progress and plans for the future.

Dev: Project JS Smart 2016-11-22

Progress and plans for the future.

JS_Smart: Select Case Study

Introducing Select, a case study.

Projects: jCoola Java Script Library

The jCoola Java Script library is a full featured tool box for developers that won’t want to learn a new way to write Java Script. jCoola is cataloged based which allows developers to pickup and use functions from the catalog. jCoola has a very low learning curve by use of a lookup table reference. jCoola makes developing powerful cross browser applications easy.

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Dev 2015-07-21: jCoola Functions List

A list of functions in jCoola. Outlines the functions and when they were added or updated.

Project: JS Smart

Introducing Project JS_Smart, a software framework so you don't have to learn to program.

R&D: Super Pin Plug-in for Construct 2

Super Pin Plugin, it's like Pin but better.

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