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Review: Seagate 3TB Expansion USB3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

The Seagate 3TB portable expansion drive packs a large amount of storage in a little box. The Seagate expansion is larger than the other ultra portable drives on the market and is the size of the Western Digital SE or My Passport portable drives. The Seagate is fine drive, however, I’d recommend the Western Digital My Passport portable instead.

The Western Digital (WD) has a small activity light on the back by the USB port where the Seagate has a wider light on the top. The WD has a flat surface so you can stack where the Seagate has a smooth spiked surface. The WD has rubber feet on the bottom so it won’t move, the Seagate is completely smooth making it too easy to slip.

The two drives are pretty much the same in terms of specs and performance but in my option the WD is a little bit better overall. The WD is also cheaper than the Seagate, but prices changes all the time (high today, low tomorrow).

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