Rocksmith Songs

Site Update 2019-03-13: Steam Links, Song Pages, and More

Rocksmith Songs received huge upgrades over the past last two weeks. Steam links are now available for songs and packs. Songs now have dedicated pages. Tuning information is now available for all song paths. Plus many more improvements have been made.


  • Small Screen Compatibility Improved
  • Search Algorithm Improved
  • Steam Links Added
  • Dedicated Song Pages Added
  • Path Tunings Added
  • YouTube Links Added to Video Pages
  • 7 Missing Songs Added
  • 1 Missing Pack Added
  • Some Listings Changed

What’s Up:

Small Screen Compatibility Improved
Site layout adjustments for small screens has been made for a better mobile phone experience.
Search Algorithm Improved
Improvements have been made for better search results. Now able to search for pack titles with series number as numeric or Roman numeral (ex: Mix 3, Mix III, Blink-182 3). Fixed pack search issues with era or year in title (ex: 70s, 2000s). Delimiter searches (artist – song) fixed; only artists with “The” in the title have an issue due to the exclusion of “the” in the terms policy.
Steam Links Added
Steam links are now available to songs and packs. You can now find a link to the Steam page to help with purchases.
Dedicated Song Pages Added
Songs now have their own dedicated page. Will help with Google search listings. Pages include information such as Featured Artists, Path Tunings, Packs, etc.
Path Tunings Added
You can now see the Tunings for Paths (Lead, Rhythm, Bass, ALT). Note, details for Custom and Capo are not available.
YouTube Links Added to Video Pages
Music and Rift Video pages now includes a link to the video’s YouTube page. A Find More option is available to help find more videos from YouTube.

7 Missing Songs Added

  • The Dear Hunter – Stuck On a Wire Out On a Fence
  • Karawan – Desolate Motion
  • The Birthday – Stupid
  • blink-182 – Stay Together for the Kids
  • Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
  • Hinder – Lips of an Angel
  • Band of Horses – The Funeral

1 Missing Pack Added

  • 2000s Mix Song Pack III

Some Listings Changed

  • Rush Song Pack I only has 5 songs not 6
  • Surf Rock Song Pack, title I switched with II
  • Classic Riffs Singles Pack now marked as Removed
  • blink-182 now listed as “Blink-182”


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