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The following is in draft and may change at anytime without warning.

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Tigarus hold no liability for the content published on our blog network. Content published on our network must comply with the Criminals Code of Canada and the Digital Millennium Act as well as all applicable laws.

Third-party Copyrights

Blogs are expected to source and credit copyrighted materials where required.

Tigarus does not make any claims to own any of the materials presented on our blog network unless stated otherwise.

Curation and fan blogs are understood to be of a third-party and maybe protected under fair-use and other applicable laws.

Tigarus Blogs Cookies and Privacy

This blog listings website “https://blogs.tigarus.com/” does not use cookies and does not collect data. No cookies are used or created intentionally. This website does not collect or use any services to track visitors.

Blogs on our network are expected to manage their own terms and policies, and ask for consent where needed.


Tigarus may display self promotional materials on Tigarus owned or created blogs.

As of February 10, 2022, Tigarus owned or created blogs does not contain advertising from third-party services.

Blog owners are reasonable for placement and management of advertising on their own blogs.