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Thank You to Our 2022 Backers

2022 has been a financial disaster for many with growing inflation, increased interest rates, stock market crash, and the crypto winter. This year (2022) we give our thanks to the small number of people who gave their support to us by continuing to request our computer services. Five registered backers had contributed $2,868 CAD.

Thank you.

Ron Daniels
Phil Timpany
Hoby Irwin
Richard Cloutier
David Bouquot

And the anonymous!

Status of crypto, we had not received any crypto or online donations for the year of 2022. We currently have the equivalent of $10,000 CAD in crypto, in which our fundraising goal has been reached and we hope to cash out soon. Although the value in 2021 was over double the currently value, we only need the make the 10k fundraising target and we wish to withdrawal before any losses.

Thank you all for your support.


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