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PHP: Request Validator

Name: Request Validator
Programming Language: PHP
Date Created: 2021-02-19

Purpose: Provides a clean and simple way to validate GET and POST requests with PHP.

Description: Request Validator is a class for PHP to simplify the validation of GET and POST requests. Process and validate requests by creating definitions. Log and display errors made easy.

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2021 Production Schedule

2020 Annual Production Report

DOM API [JavaScript]

XML API [JavaScript]

Z-Index [Construct 2]

Title: Z-Index
Platform: Construct 2
Type: Plugin
Date: 2020-01-15

Purpose: To provide additional Z-Index functions to Construct 2.

Description: Allows objects to be moved, swapped, and reordered. Z-Index determines the order in which objects are displayed in front of each other.

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2020 Production Schedule

2019 Annual Production Report

Blog Update: 2019-12-07

[Life] Refrigerator Mayhem

WiFi Range 900ft with TP-Link Routers

2018, I was approached by a tourist living in the neighborhood. He will be living in Canada for six months and he couldn’t get Internet service. The cost of Internet services in the Yukon are very high, and as a tourist he was unable to signup for an account. He offered to pay for everything, however, he didn’t want to invest in proper equipment. The challenge was to get a WiFi single over 900ft, appropriately a quarter of a kilometer away. I told him it was a long shot, however, it hasn’t been tried with modern routers. We were successful.

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The Gopher in the Garage

Oculus Rift S: Fix Sensor Check

Sensor Check Solution

When I received my Oculus Rift S I thought I met all the prerequisites until I plugged it in. My problem was one little oversight that Oculus didn’t know either. I was running an older version of Windows 10 that I had never updated. Here is the solution to getting your Oculus Rift S to pass the sensor check.

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Awesome eBay Auction Win!

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