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Rocksmith Stops DLC Releases to Focus on New Project

Image Source: Steam

Fri, April 3, 2020 @11:33 am PDT

The Rocksmith team posts a letter to the Rocksmith Steam community detailing the stop of regular DLC releases. They also announced that the discussion was made to place their attention on a new project. There is no information on what this project maybe at this time, however, with the upcoming release of new game consoles, we can only speculate that it is a new Rocksmith game. Rocksmith Developer Streams will continue on their website and social media for the latest news and updates. See full announcement below.

The Future of Rocksmith

Hello, Rocksmith Players!

We have big news today: The Rocksmith team, both here in Ubisoft San Francisco and globally, is thrilled to finally let you know that we’ve been hard at work on a new project!

To that end, we now need to shift focus away from DLC creation. As of this week’s Opeth Song Pack, Rocksmith Remastered has concluded its scheduled DLC releases. After 383 weeks of DLC releases, this pack brings us to a total of 1570 songs in the Rocksmith library, spanning over 7 decades (or 3 centuries, in the case of Bachsmith) and covering a multitude of genres for guitar and bass. For over a decade, we’ve watched players learn, grow, and constantly surprise us with your talent, creativity, and eagerness to help one another reach your goals. We truly could not be more proud to play a part in this guitar journey with you.

Although we will no longer be releasing new DLC, we still have weekly online content planned for Rocksmith fans. The Rocksmith Dev Stream will continue (in a new format), along with some more surprises. We will also continue to share updates for our new project when we’re ready on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

From everyone at Rocksmith and Ubisoft, we thank you. Your continued support of Rocksmith is humbling, and we can’t wait to start the next leg of our music learning journey together.

Source: The Future of Rocksmith



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