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Welcome to the personal Web log of Patcoola, founder of Tigarus Solutions: Interactive Media; here you can read-up on projects, news, see previews, stories, jokes, and other things by Patcoola.

* This is a personal Blog and not a serious publication by any means, if you don’t like what you read please leave. Spam and personal attacks will not be tolerated.


Patrick S. the Patcoola,
Pat-ku-la meaning Patrick of the Cooler.
Cooler: defined as describing an isolated, cold and confined place often dark.

Patrick stars and produces a self published comic and series of animated shorts online.

Patrick is from the Yukon Territories of Canada, where the winters are cold, the summer’s are hot, the air is dry, and the land is vast.

Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon with a population of about 22,000; The population of the Yukon is about 32,000.

Technology in the Yukon is like a third world country.

Long back story short, I’m 30 something years old and I live with my parents. Technology has not been kind to me.


Big animation nut.
Lives and breathes technology.
Slowly learning to play the electric guitar.
Interest in learning more about software development.


Tigarus comes from my Astrology signs; the Taurus and the Tiger combined into Tigarus. Fierce as a Tiger, strong as a bull, the Tigarus never gives up. Tigarus Solutions is a (solo) independent multimedia production studio, so small it’s just me in my parents house. Tigarus is a licensed business pulling in less than a thousand dollars gross revenue per year.

Tigarus produces 2D animated shorts, small 2D games and Apps for the Web and all computing devices.

Domestic services also includes my personal I.T. department by request.


At the age of 17 Patcoola was the first Yukoner to be awarded the Daily Feature award by Newgrounds.com, receive the honor of front page of Newgrounds.com, and reached over 250,000 hits for an animated short online.

In 2011 Patcoola was disqualified by Canada’s broadcast station Teletoon from their Teletoon At Night Pilot Project animation contest. Teletoon claimed his never before seen original work was stolen, which was latter disputed and changed to violating a non-existing contest rule duded “no self promotion”.

Last Word

Tigarus is a labor of love, it’s a full time job for me and I don’t get anything in return. I just want to do something even if nobody else cares, I care.