*All projects listed on this Blog are the personal / in-house projects of Patcoola in association with Tigarus Interactive Media. If you are interested in a project or would like to employ our services, please feel free to contact us.

Production Schedule

Projects and production schedule slated for this year, see this year’s in-house projects planned for this year and a general overview of this year’s calendar.


Past Production Schedules and Annual Reports

Past production schedules and annual production reports, details what was slated for a previous year and what was actual done, plus additional products not listed in the original plans.


Big Projects

jCoola – Java Script Library

jCoola is a large independently developed Java Script Library in Canada, with power and features to rival even the biggest name Java Script Libraries around the world. jCoola contains over 256 unique functions and properties with an easy to use interface. jCoola is designed with easy use in mined, fast performance, small foot print, cross-browser compatibility and rapid Software development for Websites, APPs, Games and potentially more.

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Digital Assets Library

Digital Assets Library, an independently developed library of digital art for graphic design and 2D animation. I didn’t buy my stock photos or clip art, I made it¬†myself to create that unique signature style for my graphics and animations. The Digital Assets Library is a collection of reusable vector art made in Adobe Flash for rapid graphics design and 2D animation.


Information Technology Suite

Information Technology Suite (IT Suite) is a unified modern computer services software suite containing a collection of Pre-Installed Environments, Portable Applications and Installation Software for Apple, Linux and Windows. IT Suite can preform virtually any task and can meet the needs of over 140 IT duties. IT Suite is a USB Flash drive or CD, simply insert IT Suite and you can do almost anything.

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More Projects

Web Applications

9 Published Web Apps as of 2014-04-30.

HTML 5, our Apps over-rides the Web browser’s normal behaviors providing the user a software experience.

Embedded Content System

Much like embedding a YouTube video into your Website, we have a similar system for Web Apps, Videos and Games.

Blog 2014 Redesign

The 2014 Redesign was a huge development with lots of custom code and graphics.

Read all about the many changes.

Rocksmith Song Search

The fastest way to find a song.

A free searchable database of Rocksmith songs, artists, and packs.

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