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DOM API [JavaScript]

Script Title: DOM API
Script Language: JavaScript
Date Created: 2020-06-04

Purpose: Provides short-cuts for the DOM selector functions, essential features, and legacy support.

Description: DOM API is a short-cuts application programming interface (API) for the Document Object Model (DOM) programming interface in HTML. DOM is easy to remember and save time by providing a shorten language. DOM also provides essential commonly used functions, and legacy support across browsers.

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XML API [JavaScript]

Z-Index [Construct 2]

2020 Production Schedule

2019 Annual Production Report

Blog Update: 2019-12-07

Visitors may have noticed faster load times with reduced data on the front-page and while browsing posts. Now introducing headline poster thumbnails. Removal of useless WordPress header garbage. Resulting in a huge data reduction and improved load time for visitors.

I have implemented thumbnails for headline posters resulting in reduced data usage. Slower computers and devices may see a performance improvement when browsing posts.

I have recently noticed a huge overhead coming from the WordPress software which was loading outside resources. These resources caused the blog to stall when loading as the visitor waits for them to load. This provides unnecessary data usage to the visitor. I have removed these overheads, resulting in a better visitor experience.

Mobile compliance as according to Google. So Google basically dictates the standards for web design now and will penalize you in search results if your don’t comply. Google systems have flagged the WordPress garbage as a problem and the the large data size of headline posters to mobile users. These changes should satisfy our Google overloads.

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[Life] Refrigerator Mayhem

The Gopher in the Garage

No Advertising Third-Party Consumer Technical Support with Google

May 2019, Google implements new policy to please Google partners. The “Third-party consumer technical support” policy prevents advertising for services provided by the computer services industry. Computer service providers cannot advertise their services with Google AdSense anymore. The new policy makes their services such as Repairs, Virus Removal, Password Resets prohibited. It’s no secret that the computer services industry is dying. Many countries are pushing for a “Right to Repair” law, and many people do not own a computer anymore in favor for a smart phone or tablet. However, this further demonstrates that manufacturers do not want their products fixed, and Google is anti-competition.

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Awesome eBay Auction Win!

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Don’t recommend!

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard falls short of being an excellent keyboard. The K55 is Corsair’s cheapest light-up gaming keyboard at $79.99 Canadian and can be purchased from Amazon for as low as 45 dollars. At $45 the K55 is one of the cheapest Red Green Blue (RGB) light-up keyboards. The keyboard features multimedia keys and six programmable macro keys. The keyboard can be programmed independently without the use of software. On paper this makes the keyboard very desirable. However, the K55 keyboard falls short of perfection with a defect.

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