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Im just a dude watching over my parents,
and trying to make cartoons and video games from home.

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Thank you to everybody that has provided a financial contribution since 2010. Everyone that has provided an official donation, or has been provided a billable service is automatically a contributor. All contributors are listed below.

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Anonymous Digital

2023: $181 CAD
2023: $15,253 CAD (*Redeemed Fundraising Funds)

Online Backers (0)

Zero Canadian dollars has been raised since 2010 online.

Local Backers (87)

Over $15,000 Canadian has been raised from 2010 to 2018.

2024: $190
2023: $2,251
2022: $2,868
2021: $1,539
2020: $2,747
2019: $1,791
2018: $2,110
2017: $2,498

Last Update: 2024-01-22

Rebecca E—–a
Dean P——t
Larry & Linda A——-e
Ernie F—–r
Consorica C—–s
Vangie R—–z
Colin M—–l
Lee M—–l
Steve S—e
Francine S—h
Maggie P—-r
Bill S——n
David G——y
Doug R–h
Mark P——n
Ron D—–s
Calvin G——s
Alessandro P——i
Angeline E——k
Yuka H—a
Sharon R—–z
Regent M——n
Jim B——-o
Hank D–d
Ruth B—–e
Magnus K——–n
Ernst B—–h
Suzanne L—–e
Herbert A—-d & Evie Z—–r
Andrew W—y
Ulrike H—-g
Susanne H——–n
Charlie B—n
Gay O’B–g
Yvonne O—–r
Marcel L—–c
Faron G——-h
Ronald B–g
Donna C—–n
Andy H–s
Rhea Y—–u
Ted S—-r
John D——n
Mark C—-n
Andrew W——s
Sebaskien V——d
Peter S—–r
Irja P——–n
Beth B—–y
Jennifer B—s
Anju M——a
Kevin R—-y
Ronald C–k
Clayton W—e
Meagan D—–g
Alfred S—h
Patrick G——r
Bevon K—-r
Richard C——r
Don T—s
Linda F–r
Marcus L–g
Eleanor M—–d
Brad M—e
Lynette D—-y
Chris B——a
Mike B—n
John P——c
Steve I—-y & Rosana P—–s
Werner R—n
John M——-n
Patricia R—-r
Darren K—r
Francis D–e L—-n
Irwin B—–d
Phil T—–y
Gerald M——–n
Barbara B—–t
Keith S——r
Anton M—–r
Hoby I—n
David B—–t
Helen S——s