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Im just a dude watching over my parents,
and trying to make cartoons and video games from home.

Terms and Privacy

Welcome to my blog’s terms and privacy policies. Here you can read up on terms of use, Cookies, GDRP and other compliances. The following below is a working draft and may change at anytime. If you don’t agree with my terms or how compliance is being implemented, feel free to get the hell out.

Table of Contents:


  • I, my, our, we: refers to the blog’s owner.
  • Visitor, you, your, public: refers to the visitor.
  • Site, blog: refers to this blog.

Terms of use

Use of this blog and its services are provided freely unless stated otherwise. Visitor(s) may view and interact with the content of this blog as presented, and only in the way that they are intended to be used. Redistribution and unauthorized use of this blog’s services and content is prohibited. I reserve the right to limit, restrict, or block access in any way I see fit without warning.

Content and services are provided as is, and may contain numinous errors. I reserve the right to change and modify anything on my blog without warning.

Comments are open to the public without registration. However, All comments are reviewed before publishing. Comments must be related to the page topic, must not be spam, and must comply with the criminal code of Canada. I reserve the right to delete, modify, or block comments and the writer without warning.

Contact Forms are open to the public without registration. However, All messages are filtered before sending. Messages must be respectful, must not be spam, and must comply with the criminal code of Canada. The messenger’s IP address is recorded to help validate the messenger’s legitimacy. I reserve the right to report unlawful messages to your local police and internet service provider. I reserve the right to not reply to all messages or to block a sender without warning.


I do not collect any personal information from my visitors.

Any information collected is provided by the visitor as part of their own interaction. Such as forms.

Web applications and services will ask for consent if data is collected or stored, if no account is required.

I make no guarantee to fully comply with privacy requirements.

Third-Party Privacy

I use Google Analytics to collect general public information about how my blog is being used.

Google Analytics does not individualize visitors.

I am not responsible for video service providers such as Youtube and Newgrounds.

Cookies Policy

I do not use cookies other than Google Analytics and AdSense.

I do not store data with Cookies.

This site generates a visitor ID. This ID is standard practice and is required to personalize the visitor experience.

Google and other third-parties may generate a visitor ID of their own.

How a visitor ID is used

Visitor IDs are generated by the system and is displayed in a Cookie. This is used to store visitor preferences and login status. See also Cookies Policy.

Preferences Examples:

  • Remember Me
  • Don’t show this to me again

Other Examples:

  • Account Login Status
  • Shopping Cart Items

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consent is asked where or if applicable.

I make no guarantee to fully comply with GDPR requirements.

Cookie Consent

Cookie consent is asked for European Union (EU) nations determined by the visitor’s language.

General notice of Cookie use and privacy is provided otherwise.

I make no guarantee to fully comply with Cookie requirements.

A cookie is required to remember your consent to use cookies, and will expire in 30 days.


This blog is complaint for viewing without Javascript.

Blog features or services which require Javascript include: forms, web applications, Google Analytics and AdSense.

Javascript is required for security features with accounts, comments, contact me, and forms. Disabling Javascript will not allow you to use any of the listed features.

Javascript is required for Cookie and Privacy consent. Request for consent will not be presented if Javascript is not enabled.

Video/Steaming and Downloads

This blog does not host videos or downloads.

I may use third-party services such as Youtube and Newgrounds to present videos on this blog. I hold no responsibility for their use of data collection or cookies.

I do not provide downloads directly from this blog. Downloads will be presented from third-party services such as MediaFire.

Copyright and Trademarks

Third-party copyrights and trademarks featured on this site are owned by their respected holders. I do not make any claims to them nor try to mislead anyone.

Trademark symbols maybe omitted due to special characters or interference with blog functionality.

Most Third-party copyrights are noted if applicable.

This blog and its design is created by Patrick “Patcoola” Spencer.
Design and graphics copyrighted by Patrick “Patcoola” Spencer.
Patcoola’s avatar is copyrighted by Patrick “Patcoola” Spencer.

Most content on this blog is original unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved on original material. See also Terms of Use.