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The Media Player

, By Patcoola

Media Center Evolved

Play any Audio/Video from your computer to our TV or entertainment system with little computer knowledge and expense.

The Media Center PC is a computer that can be connected to a TV and can possibly record. Media Centers are your all-in-one solution for using your media with your entertainment system. The Media Center is often expensive, complex, high maintenance and can be full of frustration.

Recently a new product has been introduced to the public which provides most of the features of a Media Center PC but without the frustration. The Media Player is a small, affordable device that can play all your Audio/Videos from your computer/storage device on your entertainment system with ease.


Recommended Media Players:
Patriot Box Office

A Media Player costs about $100-150, this small device includes a remote control and is very easy to setup. If you can setup a DVD player this is very much the same. Media Players are very user friendly and can connect to your digital media files in many different ways such as USB, eSATA, Network, Memory Cards, etc.

Media Players can play a wide range of media formats so almost anything you have downloaded from the Internet or purchased may be played with the Media Player. Media Players are the perfect solution to play your media on your TV or entertainment system.




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