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Why 10 Gigabytes (GBs) Of Internet Usage Is Not 10 Gigabytes!

, By Patcoola

10 gigabytes (GBs) of Internet usage is actually 10000 megabytes (MBs). Internet service providers define your free data usage that is included with your service plan as decimals and not binary units.

10 gigabytes in binary is equal to about 10240 megabytes. For marketing and simplicity it is much easier to use a sold number of 10000 than the more complicated binary units.

10 gigabytes is not the total amount you can download in a month. If you were to try and download 10 gigabytes of data in one month your total Internet usage would actually be about 11 gigabytes.


In order to download, your computer must send requests and confirm data commands, this is sometimes refereed to as talk back. About 1-10% of your Internet usage is talk back, this means that your total download-able usage is about 9 gigabytes per month and 1 gigabyte of data was used to do so.

For this reason the total amount of data you can use is only 9 gigabytes per month and not 10 gigabytes.

*Note: Actual data usage will vary depending on your Internet activities.




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