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ADATA UV131 16GB Review

, By Patcoola

Verdict: Recommend

ADATA makes some great USB flash drives, and the UV131 is definitely one of their best value drives. Although the 16GB drive retails at about 12.98, I got mine on sale for 7.99. At this price the value is hard to beat. The UV131 series features a stylus, small, and sturdy design with performance just below the S102 Pro series.


Brand: AData Technology
Name: ADATA UV131 / 16GB
Part #: AUV131-16G-RGY
Color: Chromium Grey
Body: Sturdy Zinc-alloy Housing
Interface: USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 backwards compatible)
Capacity: 16GB
Dimensions: 44.2 x 16.85 x 8mm (L x H x W)
Weight: 8g
Price: $12.98 CDN

Format: FAT32
Storage: 14.4GB
Software: None

The UV131 is built strong, and small enough so it does not obstruct other USB ports. The drive is cap less and connects to USB ports with a bit of a tight fit. The fit is so tight, this drive will never fall out.

Performance is good for a value drive with read speeds of 116MB/s, however, this drive has mixed write speeds. For small files (approximately below 25MB) the write speed is about 60MB/s, but for large files you can expect an average of 11MB/s.

USB 3.0 Benchmarks

Left: We see that small files transfer fast.
Right: We see that large files transfer slowly.

Here we see at the start of the transfer we had speeds of around 60MB/s, but dropped down to 11MB/s.

Conclusion: The UV131 is a great buy, however, the write speed could be a little better.




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