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OSVR Hacker Development Kit 1.4 Price Canada

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Razer’s new 1.4 open-source virtual reality (OSVR) development kit is up for order in Canada for $449.99 CAD. The headset features a completely open design that can be taken apart and upgraded. The software and hardware can be reprogrammed to extend its features. OSVR can also run on mid-range computers, so the NVIDIA GTX 970 is not necessary.


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OSVR aims to unify virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to simplify development. At the moment there is word that not all Oculus Rift VR software and games are not compatible with HTC’s Vive. OSVR could someday provide a unified way to support all headsets, motion controllers, and platforms.

Learn more about OSVR [ click here ]



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