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Oculus Rift S with Steam VR

, By Patcoola

Image Copyrights: Facebook and Valve Corporation

Use your Oculus with Steam

Did you know, you can use your Oculus Rift with Steam. When you first try to run SteamVR or a VR game from Steam with your Oculus you will be blocked. This is not because Oculus is anti-competition, it’s because Steam is a different system. Oculus will block any application (app) or game that is not from the Oculus store by default. This is primarily for quality control and safety. The Oculus requires the use of the Oculus software/store to operate. Steam uses a variant of OpenVR. Although Oculus and Steam are different, Oculus can detect and add your SteamVR apps/games to your library for quick access. Enable running apps from an unknown source to use SteamVR.


Enabling Unknown Sources

Settings->General->Unknown Sources

Enable Unknown Sources to allow apps that have not been reviewed by Oculus to run on your Rift. You will now be able to run SteamVR and play your favorite games with your Rift from Steam.




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