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Web Apps: Message Encryption

, By Patcoola

Message Encryption uses public keys so no two people can decode each others messages except for those who you gave the key to.


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Step 1 – Public Key (Required)

Enter or generate a public key.

Enter an existing key to decode a message or generate a key to encode a message.

Step 2 – Message (Required)

Enter the message to encode or decode.

Step 3 – Mode (Required)

Select Encrypt to encode the message.

Select Decrypt to decode an encrypted message.

Step 4 – Process

Press the Process button to calculate the results.

Clear Button

This button will clear all fields and results.

! Important !

Please do not use this application for archiving your work as changes to this application could be made at anytime.


July 06, 2014: Version 2.1
– New button style
– App is inaccessible until fully loaded
– New Web App functionality implementation (Pre JS Library)

April 30, 2014: Launched new HTML version
– No longer Adobe Flash
– Complete redesign with all new features



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