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Life: Programming my HTPC Part 1

, By Patcoola

Customized WinTV Remote Settings

Recently I’ve gave my old media center PC (HTPC) a new home beside the TV. Since I no longer use it as my primary computer, it is only fitting for it to take it’s rightful place beside the TV for now on.

HTPC’s where mostly popular as a new subject in computer marketing in the early 2000s’, but was a failure due to it’s unfriendly and difficulties to use.

(It’s a computer you can watch TV with and play your media with your entertainment system.) Great idea right? Well yes, but the fact it is a computer and not a high tech VCR means that nothing is simple.



  • You may need to switch between programs to do everything you want
  • The Remote is not compatible with all programs
  • The Remote may not be used to control Windows
  • You may need a Mouse and Keyboard
  • The Mouse and Keyboard may not be wireless
  • The Mouse and Keyboard takes up space
  • TV’s lower resolution makes computer tasks unreadable
  • Most programs are not designed to be readable on a TV screen
  • Windows is not designed to be used with a TV

WOW, that’s a lot of problems.

I’ve been busy setting up my HTPC to be easy to use and to be almost fully controlled by the Remote.

Read project details [Hauppauge WinTV Remote]




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