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Life: Programming my HTPC Part 2

, By Patcoola

Projects: Hauppauge WinTV Remote
(Extended Remote Project)

After putting sometime into setting up my old computer to finally be the media center PC it should be, I have uncovered the following additions to what I have already stated in Part 1.

  • Digital Television Killed the TV Tuner
  • Digital TV has copy protection
  • HTPC TV Tuners can only record TV in Standard Definition
  • HTPC TV Tuners can mainly display only free over the Air High Definition
  • Setting up, and Programming a PC to work with a TV and Remote is hard
  • Lack of compatible TV Outputs

Current Issues:

  • MPEG2 displays with a scan line

This maybe because it is interlaced and not progressive, this scan line that moves across the screen doesn’t happen with progressive video. Currently it’s a small problem and maybe fixable by changing the de-interlacing options on my ATI video card.


Project/Development Notes:

At the moment the project is using Windows Command Line to extend the remote’s functions, but I will be switching to the more powerful Visual Basic Scripts.

  • Adding auto network drive map at startup
  • Backup and remove recorded videos to drive
  • Key Toggling for typing with the remote’s number pad
  • Added system volume controls to Windows XP
  • Continuing to test and button map remotes keys

Final Thoughts:

It’s not prefect, but hey it works and I am happy with it.




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