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Northwestel’s Internet Usage Tool Still Inaccurate

, By Patcoola

On February 2011, I have conducted an independent test of Northwestel’s Internet Usage Tool to prove any inaccuracies and inconsistencies. The final results of the detailed one month test showed a big inconsistence in Northwestel’s ability to display accurate daily usage, however, at the end of the month Northwestel calculated less data usage than my local tracker by a small amount. A Northwestel representative confirmed that the lower usage reported was because Northwestel rounds the Megabytes down.

Months after Northwestel ensured me that they are working to fix the problems with their usage tool and for sometime it appeared that they have done so, but not for long. The last few months of this year have sparked my suspicions of large overheads. A new test has been conducted to prove Northwestel is reporting more data than what has been used.

Date: November 20 – 27, 2011 (7 day test, excludes Wednesday the 23rd)

Purpose: To demonstrate the inaccuracies in Northwestel’s Internet Usage Tool.

Test Conditions: Single computer use, all local network traffic filtered, simple Internet use, downloading of large files, NO BitTorrent or file sharing to prevent any potential reasons for error. Limited to no Internet usage after 10 pm to prevent the possibility of carry over.

Tested Service:
Northwestel’s DSL Classic
$62.95/month, DL 2.5 Megabits, UL 384 Kilobits, 15,000 Megabytes of data.

Test Results

November 2011

Day NWTEL Local Difference Over Heads
20 Sunday 30 21.73 8.27 0.72
21 Monday 66 56.61 9.39 0.86
22 Tuesday 137 113.20 23.80 0.83
24 Thursday 57 46.70 10.30 0.82
25 Friday 4927 4266.1 660.90 0.87
26 Saturday 2072 1790.24 281.76 0.86
27 Sunday 664 571.88 92.12 0.86
7 Days 7953 MBs 6866.46 MBs 1086.54 MBs 16.87 %

*Wednesday, non test day.

Final Thoughts

As you can see Northwestel is in fact reporting greater data usage than is received.
About 17 percent of your monthly data is lost and not redeemable.




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  1. Patcoola says:

    February 22,2012 and still no sign of change.

  2. As an NWTel cable/internet/phone customer in Yellowknife… I’d like to thank you for your work on this… I have passed it on to my contacts… in the NWT and Nunavut… via Twitter and Facebook….

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