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2024 Production Schedule

, By Patcoola

Production schedule as of January 24, 2024. The following information is a general overview of all projects slated for 2024 by Patcoola. This year’s plans are an extension of last year; focusing on graphical user interface components for software development. Included below are milestones projects I hope to finish someday.


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*All projects listed on this Blog are the personal / in-house projects of Patcoola in association with Tigarus Interactive Media. If you are interested in a project or would like to employ our services, please feel free to contact us.

Projects 2024

  • [Web] PHP Skeleton Framework
  • [Video] Metal Staff Twirling lightsaber Effects
  • [Video] Virtual Presentation
  • [JS] Select Element Component
  • [JS] Select Menu Interface Component
  • [JS] Select Input Field Interface Component
  • [JS] Vertical Range Slider
  • [JS] Number Stepper
  • [JS] Midi API
  • [JS] Workspaces Dynamic Layout Framework
  • [NodeJS] Drive List MacOS
  • [NodeJS] Dir/File List MacOS
  • [NodeJS] Save AS/Open/Select Dir Dialog Box

Milestone Projects

  • [Software] Chiptune Composer
  • [Software] Audio Cue Sheet Editor
  • [Software] Sprite Sheet Compactor
  • [Software] Sprite Animator Assembler
  • [Software] Tile Map IDE fork
  • [Software] Sprite placement and management IDE fork
  • [Software] Scene Director IDE fork



[JS] Get audio device list

[JS] Play audio to selected device

[NodeJS] HTTPS Server

[NodeJS] PowerShell with wScript

[NodeJS] PowerShell ActiveWindow

[NodeJS] PowerShell SendKey

[JS: Knob] Added Scroll Wheel and setStep

[JS: Knob] Added Focus/Tab

[JS: Knob] Added Arrow Keys, Left-Right, Down-Up

[JS: Knob] Replaced redundant math with setValue function

[JS: Knob] Disabled context menu

[JS: Knob] Refined CSS names

[JS: Select] New revision, refined elements, refined CSS

[JS: Select] Added: focus, scroll focus

[JS: Select] Added: Scroll Options

[PHP: Skeleton] Dev: Route module and load theme

[Video] Made video backdrop stand, adjustable to 8.5 feet tall


[PHP: Skeleton] Update: URI routing improvements

[PHP: Skeleton] Added: Error handler

[PHP: Skeleton] Added: Various usability functions

[PHP: Skeleton] Update: Module/Dashboard and Theme loader

[PHP: Skeleton] Added: Fallback to default domain theme

[JS] HTML DOM Animation



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