Script: ZIP API 2 [PHP Class]

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Script Title: zipAPI
Programming Language: PHP5
Date Completed: 2016-02-07

Purpose: Easily create and extract ZIP archives.

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ADATA UV131 16GB Review

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Verdict: Recommend

ADATA makes some great USB flash drives, and the UV131 is definitely one of their best value drives. Although the 16GB drive retails at about 12.98, I got mine on sale for 7.99. At this price the value is hard to beat. The UV131 series features a stylus, small, and sturdy design with performance just below the S102 Pro series.

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Tigarus Launched!

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January 21, 2016, I launched the new and first website. The website which was marked as under construction since 2009 has finally been made. Simple and colorful, the website is an overview and informative page of what Tigarus is all about. Interactive media production in the city of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada. We’re a small and independent studio.

The site itself is very colorful, warm, and inviting for all ages, yet it still has that striking wow factor upon landing. On a technical note, the simple design of the site features scalable design. The website will scale and fit virtually any screen size automatically.

Visit [ Click Here ]

So what’s next? I still have a few side projects to finish, but ultimately I am going to make a video game.

VEGA Conflict: Faster Fleet Repair

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In the image above we see that the repair time is 53 minutes and 55 seconds. However, we can cut this down to about 25 minutes.

The solution is to repair the ships individually instead as a group. To do so, we should always keep one fleet slot empty just for ship repair.

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Blog Update 2016-01-09

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The blog is now more mobile friendly. Thanks to a mobile theme adaptation I designed. Visitors can now browse my blog with their mobile devices easier.

Browser Pusher, a web browser detection script I created has also been updated for better mobile detection and can detect the Edge browser. Mobile users will automatically view the mobile layout.

Visitors will also notice that the top menu now floats at the top of the screen. Except for the oldest browser I support: Internet Explorer 7.

Page titles now display the correct bread crumbs for categories.

Loading pages no longer flash the background.

Rearrangement of JavaScript placement should help decrease page rendering time, pages should load faster.

A fix for the footer has been made for Microsoft’s Edge browser which had a height issue.

The projects page has updated to list projects from 2015 (last year).

New T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs 2016-01-05

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A bit late for Christmas but better late than never. I am particularly proud of Mining Nerd, as a Yukoner mining is a big deal and Mining Nerd looks like an awesome logo.

New Designs:

  • Gamer Nerd
  • Mining Nerd
  • Snowman Nerd
  • Santa Nerd

All revenue gained goes directly to supporting our indie game development projects. (About 6-12 dollars per sale)