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My Bad Google AdWords Experience

, By Patcoola

Expensive and wasteful basically sums it up. I used an 110 dollar voucher to promote a new website with zero web traffic and got negative results.


So the website is a small business promoting a local “regional” service, the AdWords was set up to target a specific city and province. To start with I set the max default bid to three dollars and the daily maximum budget to 10 dollars. Keep in mind that this website have zero traffic to begin with. Over the first three days the 10 dollar caps were reached over night as we slept and when the website’s traffic tracker (Google Analytics) was checked we received only 10 percent local traffic with the rest national or international visitors, 30 dollars essentially wasted.

Next we lowered our maximum default bid to 30 cents and refined keywords to include the city name, in-addition to that we lowered the daily budget to five dollars. We checked the AdWords and cross referenced the click count with Google Analytics.

Problem one, although the maximum default bid was 30 cents per click, some days we were charged an average of 1.45 dollars per click quickly reaching our five dollar daily cap.

Problem two, the number of clicks did not match the traffic received. We would have days that AdWords reported six clicks today while Google Analytics reports only two visitors.

Problem three, the majority of all traffic received was from outside the Ads’ target region, some visitors were even international.

The bottom line is unless you’re an international website or providing goods and services online you’re going to do fine, however, if your planning on using Google AdWords to advertise to a city, state or province you’re going to waste our money, as well, it may end up costing you a large amount of money on negative web traffic.




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