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Endless Sky: Drone Hunting Cheat

, By Patcoola

Many people are having trouble with the “Drone Hunting” mission and so did I. It’s pretty hard to find a solar system that behaves the way the mission describes. In my experience the ships just don’t leave long enough to do the mission, but there is an easy way to cheat the mission.


Cheating the mission is as easy as copy and paste.

The game is completely open, this means we can modify the game all we want, but for this we’ll only edit our save file.

First find your save file

Linux: ~/.local/share/endless-sky/saves/
Windows: %appdata%\endless-sky\saves\
Mac OS X: ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/endless-sky/saves/

Open your save file

The save files are just plain text documents. We can open and edit them in plain text such as Windows’ NotePad.

Editing your cargo

Scroll through your file to see if you have a cargo section, if not we’ll just copy and paste the text below. If you have a cargo section just insert the surveillance pod part.

		"Surveillance Pod" 1

Save and load up your game

You should now have the mission item in your cargo, so now you can collect your mission reward.




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