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Dev 2015-07-21: jCoola Functions List

, By Patcoola

2015-07-21, jCoola functions list, outlining all current functions and additional functions waiting to be integrated.

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About Property Full Name Date Added Date Updated
application Application 2013-04-07
version Version 2013-04-07
buildDate Build Date 2013-04-07
copyright Copyright 2013-04-07
website Website 2013-04-07
author Author 2013-04-07
description Description 2013-04-08
license License 2013-04-08


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Client Property Full Name Date Added Date Updated
platform Platform 2013-04-07
language Language 2013-04-07
height Height 2013-04-07
width Width 2013-04-07
isTouch Is Touch Enabled Pending

Browser Property Full Name Date Added Date Updated
agent Agent 2013-04-07
type Type 2013-04-07
version Version 2013-04-07
height Height 2013-04-07 2013-04-08
width Width 2013-04-07 2013-04-08
onLine On Line 2013-04-07
cookiesEnabled Cookies Enabled 2013-04-07
javaEnabled Java Enabled 2013-04-07
hasCSSRule Has CSS Rule 2013-04-08
hasElementAttribute Has Element Attribute 2013-04-08
hasJavaScriptObject Has JavaScript Object 2013-04-08
hasBookmark Has Bookmark 2013-04-17
bookmark Bookmark 2013-04-17


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