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2019 Production Schedule

, By Patcoola

Production schedule as of January 10, 2019. The following information is a general overview of all projects slated for 2019 by Patcoola. This year’s headline graphic represents the hardships of 2018 with the lost of six months to take care of my father. This year aims to continue the work that was slated for 2019 and more.


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*All projects listed on this Blog are the personal / in-house projects of Patcoola in association with Tigarus Interactive Media. If you are interested in a project or would like to employ our services, please feel free to contact us.

Projects 2019

[Javascript] Web Audio Interface


Construct 2: Plugin

[PHP] Skeleton Website Framework

Symbolic Link Manager

Multi-Site System

Module System

Module: Donations

[Javascript] Project Smart Revision 3

Core Refinements

Modules: Average

Modules: Lowest

Modules: Highest

Modules: Text Flow

[Web] Blogs

Rocksmith Songs

Tigarus News

Tigarus Blogs Network



[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Layout improvements

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Added linkage

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: “Add Song” Artist AJAX

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Search results layout

[Blog:Rocksmith] Admin Added: View Artist Bands List

[Blog:Rocksmith] Admin Added: Upload Artist Posters

[Blog:Anime] Update: Google Adsense

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Updated “Get It Now Steam Games” 608 Games

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Newest page

[Blog:Rocksmith] Admin Added: Add Artist Filter

[Blog:Rocksmith] Admin Added: Add Song Filter

[Blog:Rocksmith] Admin Added: View Song Details (DB Table Viewer)

[Blog:Rocksmith] Notice: Many improvements to layout and administration

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Optimized Top Menu

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Blog


[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Layout improvements

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Blog Layout improvements

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Social media cards

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Site Icons

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Search algo, many issues fixed

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: (686) Song music, rift videos, lyrics added

[Blog:Rocksmith] Admin Added: Add Artist to Band

[Blog:Rocksmith] Fixed: Headline content issue

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Google Analytics

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Google Ads

[Blog:Rocksmith] Website Launched

[Blog] Rocksmith Songs

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: (875) Song music, rift videos, lyrics added

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Complete Song music, rift videos, lyrics added

[Blog:Rocksmith] Update: Smart Phone layout for small screens

[Blog:Rocksmith] Fixed: Ads for small screens


[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Steam Links to songs and packs

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: YouTube links to music and rifts videos

[Blog:Rocksmith] Updates: Song and Pack pages now have buy options

[Blog:Rocksmith] Updates: Search algo updated, single word and multi word now the same method

[Blog:Rocksmith] Fixed: Search a number will no longer list result ‘Grand Funk Railroad’

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Searches now include input in page title

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Added: Info Cards

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Added: Bookmark Icons

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Added: Footer Links

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Added: Menu bar scroll hide and show effect

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Updated: Layout max content width

[Blogs:Anme] Updated: Mobile menu bar position set

[Blogs:Anme] Updated: Mobile layout for character portraits

[Blogs:Anme] Fixed: Mobile ads for small screens

[Blogs:Anme] Updates: Small layout improvements

[Blogs:Anme] Removed: Sticky Ads due to Google Policy

[Blog:Rocksmith] Removed: Sticky Ads due to Google Policy

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Dedicated Song pages

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Path Tunings

[Blog:Rocksmith] Updated: Search algo updated, better pack title search

[Blog:Rocksmith] Updated: Search algo updated, better delimiter search

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: 7 missing songs

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: 1 missing pack

[Blog:Patcoola] Announcement: New responsive web design in the works

[System] Test LAMP upgraded with PHP 7.3

[Wordpress] Updated to 5.1


[Blog:Patcoola] New theme

[Blog:Patcoola] Updated old top pages

[Blog:Patcoola] Added new top pages

[Wordpress] Added: Created contact form

[Blog:Patcoola] Created new contact form

[Blog:Patcoola] Added social graphs

[Wordpress] Fixed: Mature content warnings, doesn’t block catalog view

[Blogs:Anme] Updated: Mature content warnings

[Blogs:Anme] Updated: Episodes page now catalog

[Blogs:Anme] Added: Ads to Episodes catalog

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Ads to Blog catalog


[Games:Pong] R&D: 2D perspective change

[Games:Pong] R&D: Pong Paddle behavior plugin for Construct

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Updated “Get It Now Steam Games” 642 Games

[Webapp:Video File Size Calculator] Changed, fixed position for input field (position bug)

[Webapp:Audio File Size Calculator] Changed, fixed position for input field (position bug)

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Edit option for song tuning

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Edit option for song genre


[Games:TileMap] Early Development

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Updated “Get It Now Steam Games” many games removed


[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Song Duration- Not Available (N/A)

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Edit Song Tunings

[Blog:Rocksmith] Added: Edit Pack Title

[Blogs:Anme] How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.

August – September

[Games:TileMap] Development cliff siding and elevation

[Games:TileMap] Research color over different displays

[Games:TileMap] Consolidated – Grass and Ground


[Games:TileMap] Water Development


[Games] R&D: Parallax Y Scaling

[Javascript] Smart: Average

[Javascript] Smart: Lowest

[Javascript] Smart: Highest

[Javascript] Smart: Updated- Sum

[php] Email Form: Updated filters and validation

[Site:Tigarus Systems] Updated “Get It Now Steam Games” 12 games added, 631 Total

[Games] R&D: Orbital motion

[Sponsor] Filipino Basketball Team


[Blogs:Patcoola] Article posts now have thumbnails

[Blogs:Patcoola] Removed WordPress garbage headers

[Blogs:Patcoola] Improved data rates, faster user load times

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Removed WordPress garbage headers

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Added: Pack type “Volume”

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Fixed: Steam Buy link in Rift video page

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Added: Admin, edit pack type

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Added: Admin, edit pack series number

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Fixed: “Top 10: Longest Pack Series”

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Update: “Top 10: Largest Packs” excludes “Exercises”

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Update: Changed Rocksmith Exercises packs to Volume type

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Fixed: Two incorrect pack series numbers

[Blogs:Rocksmith] Update: Minor display change to packs in search results

[Website:Tigarus Blogs] Website Launched!

[Blog] Tigarus Blogs Network

[Games:Parallax Y Scaling] Update: Now has option to invert Y axis

[Games:Parallax Y Scaling] Update: Now has x-scaling

[Games] R&D: Stage Center Scaling

[Blogs:Tigarus News] Pending Launch



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