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News: Backlog of Scripts 2012/09/02

, By Patcoola

Backlog of un-publicized scripts in both Java Script and PHP, plus many more in development and un-maintained scripts in Action Scripting.

I have a backlog of scripts in Java Script, PHP and undocumented Action Scripts. The nice thing is that I will have many months of posting to come for the blog, but it will become hard to maintain such as large library in the near future. I have started documenting and organizing scripts and projects with Java Script and PHP, but Action Scripts is a mess.


The following script details will be posted over the weeks to come.

Java Script

  • Degrees To O’Clock Position
  • Degrees To Eight Way Direction
  • Degrees To Four Way Direction
  • Is Alpha
  • Is Uppercase
  • Is Lowercase
  • Is Special
  • Is Number
  • Is Digit
  • Has Alpha
  • Has Uppercase
  • Has Lowercase
  • Has Special
  • Has Number
  • Empty
  • String Count
  • String Count Word
  • Has Sub String
  • History Count
  • Style Scale
  • Get Opera Version


  • Parse Integer
  • Parse Number




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