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News: Forced Vacation?!

, By Patcoola

A forced vacation happens when equipment breaks down and the arrival of replacement equipment takes about 7-9 days.

I am a work alcoholic, I must do something productive at all times. I do not like celebrating holidays or taking vacations, I planned my project schedule one year in advance, so time off is out of the question.


February 21, 2013, my computer screen broke, resulting in a slight change in productivity and the continuing rise of maintains costs.

The type of computer monitors I use cannot be purchased locally, this means I am forced to order my monitors which takes about 7-9 days to arrive. I am very picky about my computer screen as they must have a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) with Pivot, more than one video input, etc.

The new monitor in-which I am very happy with has great features and most importantly amazing color accuracy. The monitor is the ASUS PA238QR 23inch screen, which includes speakers, a Pivot stand, five video inputs, USB Hub, a human sensor for power saving and IPS.

The ASUS PA238QR is truly one of the best screens I’ve ever used, however, my mother hates the human sensor because she refuses to sit in the chair properly resulting in the screen constantly turning itself off.




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