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Blog News 2013-09-14: Accidental Upgrade

, By Patcoola

Yesterday (September 13, 2013), during preparation for cloning the Blog to the local computer’s development environment, the Blog software automatically redirected me to the actual Blog’s Website in-which a software update was preformed.

The unscheduled update, required quick actions to get the Blog running OK. During that time, the Blog went through some weird changes. Most compatibility problems from the software update have been nullified, however, it is no security that the Blog theme/layout needs a lot of work.


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The Blog was cloned for development because I am going to attempt to make a new theme/layout. The long over due change will look more professional and will no longer carry the Coola Studios name, but instead will feature the Tigarus branding. Also in the change, the Website address, all Web Apps will be updated to HTML5 and will be small devices compatible. The Blog software will also be setup to support more than one Blog.

So much work ahead.



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