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R&D: Super Pin Plug-in for Construct 2

, By Patcoola

I have modified the Pin plug-in for the game creation program Construct 2, I call this new behavior plug-in Super Pin.

Super Pin offers new features for controlling the object’s position without having to unpin and re-pin the object to apply changes.


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Pin to object

Set object to pin to.


Remove pin.

Set Mode

Change pin mode.


Off Set

Set Off Set

Set the X, Y off set to add to the pin’s X and Y position.

Set X

Add X to the pin’s X position.

Set Y

Add Y to the pin’s Y position.



Set Position

Set the X, Y position of the pin.

Set X

Set the X position of the pin.

Set Y

Set the Y position of the pin.



Set Circumference

Set the pinned object’s position using degrees and distance.

Set Degrees

Set the pinned object’s angle from the object.

Set Radius

Set the pinned object’s distance from the object.


Get Mode

Returns a number.
0 = position & angle, 1 = position, 2 = angle, 3 = rope, 4 = bar

Get Distance

Get the distance between the pin and the object.

Get Degrees

Get the angle between the pin and the object.



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