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Project: JS Smart

, By Patcoola

JavaScript Smart (JS_Smart or Smart) is a smart JavaScript library focused on providing basic and intelligent web design functionalities to designers and content creators. Smart is an attribute based system allowing website designers and content creators to focus on their work and not on programming. With Smart, one just has to add an attribute to existing element tags to add the desired behaviors they want.

Designers and content creators don’t have time to develop reliable, robust, and flexible code for their design elements. Smart requires no programming. Simply add the Smart attribute you desire to an element and Smart does the work for you.


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Examples of what Smart can do for you.

Pin To Scroll
Allows objects to float or move against the top or bottom of the viewing area when the page is scrolled. Allows for two top menus and two bottom menus, can have elements move within a limited area.
An easy way to add tab menu behavior to links or buttons.
Switchable page content made easy. Can be used for a variety of applications such as menus, questionnaires, multi able page contents.
Smart Rows
Dynamically unifies the heights of elements to be the same, creating an even row height.
Smart Scale
Dynamically scales fixed width and fixed positioned content to fit it’s display area.
Sync Height
Allows an element to dynamically be the same height of another element.

Browser Compatibility:

Chrome 1 (unconfirmed)
Firefox 3.5
Internet Explorer 8
Opera 9
Safari 3.2

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