2016 Annual Production Report

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What was done and what was not

The following is a reflection on the slated projects from the 2016 Production Schedule. This does not fully reflect on the work that was actually done in 2016.

Web Development

[Website] IT Department Website – Systems by Tigarus (Visit Website)

The IT department is our primary source of income and fundraiser for indie game development. This year’s development went to state-of-the-art scale-able design; one design fits all screens. Development into a products catalog that crawls our supplier’s website and adds the content to your database. Development into a new service called “Get it now Steam Games”, the user enters their Steam name into our website and we create a list of available games you can check and print which we’ll copy to your computer. Further development into interactive elements has spawned an amazing new project called “Project Smarts”. Further development into our ID sticker service has been made as well.


[Website] Backend Website – Backup Module

This module allows an administrator to create a backup profile. Create and extract zip files.


[Website] Tigarus Solutions (Visit Website)

Company website, a single page website to illustrate what we are about.


[Website] jCoola

Cancelled in-favor for Project Smarts, the no programming JavaScript library.


[Programming] Project Smarts (See More)

The no programming JavaScript library, add amazing behaviors to your website.


Game Development

[Construct 2] Motion Tween (Pushed to 2018)

[Construct 2] Vector Draw (Pushed to 2018)

[Construct 2] Interval Counters (Pushed to 2018)

[Concept] Development (On-going)

Game play refinements, Point and click game play, Story focused, added the ability to lie.

Graphics and Animation

[Graphics] Nerds T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs (10 new designs) (Visit Website)

[Animation] Enlargement Video

Cancelled in-favor for rotoscoped video blog.


[Rotoscape] Road to Indie Games

An augmented reality documenting the creation of my video game. Features adventures in the world of video games.


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