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Rocksmith Song Search [News 2018-09-19]

, By Patcoola

The original Rocksmith Search has been updated with new songs. Before, I was about five months behind on new listings. Added 80 songs, 24 packs to the database. Search 2.0 will have the new entries as soon as the Add-Packs feature is completed.


Search 2.0 is already having its visual design developed. Add-Pack administrative page is also in development. Song Packs are more difficult to plan, because songs have to be searched in some way. The default will display the last songs added by date.

A early lunch will take place as soon as the new results layout is completed. Visitors will be able to search and explore the database, however, artist pages and other extras will not be available for months. Other extras include Music Videos, Rift Videos, and Lyrics.




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