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Web Audio API

, By Patcoola

I’m developing my own JavaScript Class for Web Audio. The decision for development was made after wondering if Web Audio could be used as a synthesizer. Yes, it could, however, the final decision to fully develop a Web Audio Class was made with the investigation into the Construct 2 audio plugin. After inspecting the plugin, I quickly discovered that the plugin does not meet my needs or standards.


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Overall, it is in my best interest to develop a proper interface for myself. The new interface uses less resources as it does not use the pannerNode. The pannerNode assigns position and orientation in a 3D space, making true left and right panning impossible. The pannerNode is very resource intensive. My interface is modeled after a mixing board, allowing for familiar easy-of-use. Audio cues, and a possible synthesizer with a note player.

The mixing board logic, using the same scheme of a mixing board to manage audio tracks is very easy to manage. Each mixing channel has your standard features: Gain, Pan, Stop, Play, Pause. Many additional features such as Pass Filters, Play Rate, Cross Fade is coming. Master controllers are also included, such as Gain, Pan, etc.

Audio Cues, are very important. With cues we can consolidate 100 sound effects files into a single audio file. This drastically improves performance and delivery. Trying to load, manage, and move 100 small files is very inefficient to computers. Consolidating the files into a single audio file of sound effects is largely more efficient for example.

Synthesizer, is under strong consideration. The ability to play sounds and automate play from notes is very intriguing. This could open a world of possibilities.



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