Rocksmith: Extending Your Cable

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The video game Rocksmith for the PC and like every other release of the game, we have the same Real Tone Cable. The cable is about 10 feet long; all my personal guitar cables are 25 feet in length, for a game that you are most likely to be playing 10 feet away from the large screen TV, a 10 foot cable gives you a playing area of about 5-7 feet realistically.

A 10 foot cable is too small for many people, the simple solution is to extend the cable, but how.

The first and simplest method to extending the cable is the use a USB extension cable. I recommend an Active USB extension cable if you plan to add over 6 additional feet, an Active USB extension cable has a small power booster to ensure your USB device has enough power over the extra cable length.

The second solution is to use an additional guitar cable, but how you add an additional cable is complicated.

Couplers, a coupler is a female to female ends adapter to connect two cables together, however, you’ll near see a coupler in any music store, because of technical issues.

Instrument extension cable, like the USB extension cable but for your guitar, this cable is another item you may near see in your music store, because of technical issues.

Technical issues may include signal leaks, interference from other signals, cables or radios.

So how do we use another guitar cable as an extension; well there are many options of doing so.

We can use a device as an in-between to connect and extend the cable length such as a Preamp, Mixer, Effects Pedal, etc.

Most people already have an Effects Pedal, so it isn’t a big deal to most people, now the thing is, we need to use an Effects Pedal that can be set to not change the sound or over amp the guitar. Many Multi-Effects Peddles can be set to use no effects, leaving volume, tone, pitch and preamp.

Adding your own guitar cable can be a good thing, for instance, my guitar cable has a right angle end which makes it easier to play while sitting.

Extend your Real Tone Cable with a USB extension cable or use a device like an Effects Pedal to add an additional guitar cable. The USB extension cable is the cheapest solution, but can easily be disconnected with the USBs’ small plugs, if you chose to use a USB extension cable over 6 feet in length I recommend the use of an Active USB extension cable. Devices such as an Effects Pedal can be used to extend your cable, and most people already have an Effects Pedal if you’re a guitar player. If you chose to use an Effects Pedal, remember to have the effects turned off.

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  1. ace says:

    excellent! i am looking forward toward trying your solutions. thank you for your time and effort insharing your knowledge.

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