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Corsair Void PRO Wireless Headset Replacement Battery

Caution: The battery featured requires rewiring. Use with caution.

Corsair Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

The Corsair Void Pro Wireless headset is probably the must affordable wireless surround sound computer headset on the market. The best value headset sports a 16 hour battery. However, I had my headset for less than two years and my battery is now down to approximately one hour of usage. My headset’s low battery indicator beeps very quickly when you only have an hour. In recent months I had the unfortunate pressure of dealing with Corsair’s warranty services. The process was long and I had difficulty with my address. So I found a better solution, I will buy a replacement battery.

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Charging into the Sky

Change Ahead

Changes are coming!

Big changes are coming to the blog to modernize and keep up with compliance. The new changes will provide full responsive design. A new graphical design featuring my alter ego. All top pages has been updated. New menus and headline graphics created. Social graph cards have been implemented. Google Ads have been implemented with full compliance. The new blog better reflects what the blog is about and who I am.

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Rocksmith Songs 2.0 is Live!

2018 Annual Production Report

What was slated and what was actually done in 2018 by Patcoola. 2018, was faced with difficult family challenges, resulting in the lost of six months. After a year of constant misfortune. I’ve opened up a second workstation. The IT department has been rearranged after the vandalism to be more office like. Productivity is now at an all time high. I’ve had a successful downsizing sale, and acquired new smaller equipment. Hopefully 2019 is uneventful.

2018 Production Schedule and Log

Production Details

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2019 Production Schedule

Web Audio API

Script: Text Flow [JS]

PHP: Words to Numeric

Script: words_to_numeric
Programming Language: PHP
Created Date: 2018-04-22

Purpose: Converts the spelled up form of a number to numbers.

Description: Changes the word form of a positive integer to its numeric value. Supports a value up to 99.

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PHP: To Roman Numerals

PHP: fromCharCode

PHP: charAt

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