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600 Steam Games, Free Install Service

Tigarus Systems, a computer service provider in the Yukon Territory of Canada has reached 600 games available for their free install service. The proof of ownership service is available to Yukoners with limited internet access, or just need a backup. The service has saved terabytes in data usage, and has saved days in wait times. The service has been greatly valued to the northern communities.

Link [ Get It Now Steam Games ]

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2018 Annual Production Report

2019 Production Schedule

Web Audio API

Script: Text Flow [JS]

Rocksmith Songs Search [News 2018-11-06]

Getting closer!

All 527 bands have an “Artist Page” generated and an artist poster created (I searched the Internet and created a poster for each artist). As-well, 3918 pages have been generated for Music Videos, Rift Videos, and Lyrics. Although 1306×3 pages have been created, a “not-yet-available message” will be displayed until the content/links have been added to the database. Doing so may take three weeks with 4 to 8 hour days. In-addition to creating thousand of content pages; I have fixed and improved many behind the senses features and I have good number of exciting new features planned.

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PHP: Words to Numeric

PHP: To Roman Numerals

PHP: fromCharCode

PHP: charAt

PHP: charCodeAt

Script: charCodeAt
Programming Language: PHP
Created Date: 2018-10-23

Purpose: Bring Javascript’s charCodeAt() function to PHP with Unicode support.

Description: Gets the character code from a give position of a string. Provides the same character codes as in Javascript in PHP.

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[Life] Downsizing Sale

[Life] Falling Behind

[Life] Network Storage Update

Rocksmith Song Search 2.0 [Update: 2018-08-15]

Song packs are now searchable using a cross reference table containing artist and song IDs. Doing so was a major undertaking, 262 packs were modified and audited while 1094 reference entries were manually added into the database.

Big news, the search query has been greatly refined to just five generated conditions. The refinement is a big logic break through. I basically discovered that anything can be accurately found just by looking for the first and last word in the search terms. The spelling pattern now applies to words greater than four characters and has a simply applied “s” clause.

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[Anime Blog] Megalo Box

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