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Image Source:, Lenovo; Design by Patcoola 2019

No Advertising Third-Party Consumer Technical Support with Google

May 2019, Google implements new policy to please Google partners. The “Third-party consumer technical support” policy prevents advertising for services provided by the computer services industry. Computer service providers cannot advertise their services with Google AdSense anymore. The new policy makes their services such as Repairs, Virus Removal, Password Resets prohibited. It’s no secret that the computer services industry is dying. Many countries are pushing for a “Right to Repair” law, and many people do not own a computer anymore in favor for a smart phone or tablet. However, this further demonstrates that manufacturers do not want their products fixed, and Google is anti-competition.

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Oculus Rift S with Steam VR

You can absolutely use the Rift S with Steam VR. Here's how.

Oculus Rift S: Fix Sensor Check

Sensor check solution for first time setup with Windows 10.

Awesome eBay Auction Win!

I got an awesome deal on Logitech gear and Razer wireless headset.

Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Don't recommend, cheap junk.

*Image Source:

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Don’t recommend!

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard falls short of being an excellent keyboard. The K55 is Corsair’s cheapest light-up gaming keyboard at $79.99 Canadian and can be purchased from Amazon for as low as 45 dollars. At $45 the K55 is one of the cheapest Red Green Blue (RGB) light-up keyboards. The keyboard features multimedia keys and six programmable macro keys. The keyboard can be programmed independently without the use of software. On paper this makes the keyboard very desirable. However, the K55 keyboard falls short of perfection with a defect.

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The Importance of Making Pong [Game Dev]

One point perspective Pong. (Pseudo 3D)

Oculus Quest Begins Pre-Orders, Ships May 22st

Oculus Quest pre-order begin in Canada starting at $549 CAD.

Oculus Rift S Begins Pre-Orders, Ships May 21st

Oculus Rift S begins pre-orders in Canada for $549 CAD.

Corsair Void PRO Wireless Headset Replacement Battery

I almost had it, but I didn't know how to rewire the battery.

Remembering the 2014 Blog Design

It was a mess.

When I started my blog in 2009, things was much different. I used a simple and clean WordPress theme I found on the Internet, but it wasn’t very personal. In 2014, I took the time to design my own theme. I didn’t know much about WordPress back then and thus I made a lot of mistakes, but I like to think it worked out in the end. I had a design no one else had with some cool features. Then mobile compliance hit the Internet like a ton of bricks, and very few people knew what to do about it. A new responsive design was needed to fit all display sizes, and so I say goodbye to the old theme.

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Charging into the Sky

Blog news, a new blog design is coming.

Change Ahead

Rocksmith is a trademark of Ubisoft, Steam is a trademark of the Valve Corporation.

Rocksmith Songs Updates 2019-03-13

In the last two weeks I’ve done some major updates to the Rocksmith Songs site. I’ve added Steam links, added path tunings, found missing songs, and much more. Check the link below to read the full report.

Rocksmith Songs: Read More

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Rocksmith Songs 2.0 is Live!

Rocksmith Songs is now on it's now site.

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